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Retirement Planning

Self-Help Guide to Pre-Retirement Planning

The Self-Help Guide to Pre-Retirement Planning for New York State Executive Branch employees covers 11 content areas: Retirement Planning, Lifestyle Changes, Health and Wellness, Housing Options, Employment Considerations, Budgeting and Financial Planning, Legal Affairs, the NYS Deferred Compensation Plan, the NYS Retirement System, Health Insurance Coverage, Social Security, and Medicare.

How to Find the Self-Help Guide...

Retirement Checklist

The Retirement Checklist for New York State Employees can help you in planning for retirement and should be used in conjunction with the Self-Help Guide. Instead of being all-inclusive, this short checklist highlights some of the critical steps you should take.

Retirement Planning Tips

The Retirement Planning Tips is a listing of quick reminders for Executive Branch State Employees.  A new tip is added each month.

Retirement Planning Resources Quick List

The Retirement Planning Resources Quick List has a few primary resources including websites and phone numbers to assist New York State Executive Branch State employees. Numerous additional resources can be found at the end of each chapter in the Self-Help Guide to Pre-Retirement Planning.

DIRECTIONS: Pre-Retirement Planning Seminars

New York State offers its Executive Branch employees who are at least 50 years of age and eligible to retire within five years a pre-retirement seminar called DIRECTIONS: Pre-Retirement Planning Seminars.

DIRECTIONS was developed to assist eligible New York State employees in planning for one of the most challenging and exciting periods in life – retirement.

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